by Mark

Things seem to go so quickly here.  I thought that Christmas was yesterday and now realize that it was actually a month ago.  We find ourselves in the position of having several events that we want to share with you but they have gone by so quickly that the moment has passed- Toby’s Christmas program is one of them. 

We’re still trying to figure out the context of Christmas in Mongolian popular culture.  It seems that most of what we associate with Christmas is celebrated at New Year’s.  Tinsel is everywhere.  And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.  Its sewn onto clothes, it hangs in the market, it hangs from the ceiling, its put on cars.  Come to think of it, I don’t think there was a place I didn’t see tinsel- except on the horses, although the camels did have some. 

Toby’s tsetserlik put on a Christmas program.  They were to dress up as different animals or Santa Claus- why?  I don’t know.  The program was at 10:00 AM and thankfully we were off of language school. 



The Assembly Room-Can you spot the hidden use of tinsel in this picture?


I have no clue, don’t ask


Toby getting candy from father time- pictured behind.  Candy plays a huge part in any celebration- most importantly CHOCOLATE!  We put in some money for a gift and are still eating some of the chocolate that came in it.  (Don’t tell Toby that)


Toby mugging for the shot-He looks pretty good in a tie.  Behind Toby  is his teacher, she has a wonderful heart and seems to like Toby.  Levi is there with a wolf hat.


Class Shot- Toby on the left, than Levi (4th from left) Eli is front row (4th from right)

100_5000 100_4997 Panda reveals his 1st secret identity (he’s really batman underneath the shirt and tie)