100_4972 by Cinda

Thursday, December 17th, we all attended the MK School Christmas program.  Ms. Kirsten, Aunt Ali, and all the kids worked very hard to put on a great program for the parents and siblings.  There were games, music, a play, and of course, Christmas cookies.  One of the highlights for all the kids was an Australian version of “Jingle Bells” that Aunt Ali taught them.  For those who’ve asked about Mark in leopard print, that was part of a game called “what am I wearing”, something the kids play frequently at school and decided to get the parents to join in for this party.  Everyone passes around a bag of dress-up clothes; when the music stops, the person holding the bag pulls out a clothing item and has to wear it, then the music starts again and the bag goes around again.   

The play was about the perfect Christmas gift.  Jubilee ordered a gift over the phone that was advertised as the perfect gift but with no other description.  It was immediately delivered to her door in a box.  As she assembled it, it turned out to be a living nativity scene that explained the gift of Jesus Christ the Savior.  The other kids were the nativity “pieces”.  Annika was happy to be Mary, and happy she didn’t have any lines to say.  It was a very fun and memorable portrayal of the Christmas story, well-acted by all.


Introducing “what am I wearing” (wearing her new Mongolian dell)


more parents dressed in funny clothes


playing Mary Had a Little Lamb


Singing Australian Jingle Bells, with props


Toby and Edie watch the play