There are several different ways that you can partner with the Wood family

Support can be sent directly to:

The Christian and Missionary Alliance

PO Box 35000

Colorado Springs, CO 80935

Type in Mark and Cinda Wood

There are different funds to which you can in order to help us.  We are supported through the Great Commission fund- we encourage regular giving to help accomplish the great commission given to the church.

Other funds that may be specified are:

Outfit Fund: Helping get us established in Mongolia- furniture, appliances household goods.  (For now, August 2009, our outfit fund is doing quite well.  Thanks to all who have contributed up to now.  We will update and let you know as other needs arise.)

Vehicle Fund: Goes towards getting a used 4-WD vehicle for our family and team transportation needs.

Work Specials Fund: Used for a variety of projects, both our own and team projects, such as purchasing needed materials for teaching or development projects; these funds are also used for ministry related expenses we incur such as cell phone or computer usage.

On the memo line of your check please specify which fund with our name or write “In support of

Approved Specials: As needs come up in the field for specific items we invite people to give to these needs, for example printing costs for teaching materials.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.  Giving can be done anonymously as well.