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By Mark

In class Friday Cinda told my teacher and I to look out the window.  She had just received a text from our friend Tuya that there were three suns in the sky. Curious, we looked out our windows and saw this:





Walking home from school we saw many Mongolians outside looking at the sun and taking pictures- it was as much a surprise to them as to us.  As far as I can figure it is caused by the same phenomena that causes a rainbow, the refraction of light through the water particles.  However in this case there was a ground fog and ice particles which caused the refraction and full halo or “sun dog” effect.  You can see more of the rainbow effect on the shot below.



“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”  Psalm 19:1

By Mark


The inside windows. Estimated actual temp outside is around -40 F.


Some silicone and cardboard stops the drafts pretty well.  Don’t worry it’s warm (relatively) inside.  Made some good salsa yesterday.  We’re off to class. 

by Mark


Darhan is full of surprises.  Just when you think you have seen all there is to see something new pops up.   Last week Brent and I were asked to accompany some people from church to visit an orphan home in New Darhan.  I was asked to bring the camera to take some pictures.  We were not sure exactly what to expect (that’s a given- you stay flexible) or who would be going.   I was thinking three or four people — as it turns out you can fit 12 people in a Toyota Land Cruiser. 


Note the circus poster in the background

It turned out that our destination was a circus school run for kids who are homeless, or don’t have a safe home environment.  The school has been open for about a year.  Many of the students will go home with the teachers because they have no other place to go at night. 


The circus training school


Putting on stilts




Watch your balance (waiting for Wii to come out with this balance board)


Naraa Igch sharing a devotional


Praying for the children


A New Year’s Celebration




This sign says Darhan-Uul Aimag Scouting Counsel – the symbol looks like the Boy Scouts symbol.

by Mark


We ended up heading down to the capitol over the New Year.  It seems that fireworks are always going off in UB but on New Year’s Eve there wasn’t a place to look where you did not see them.  Staying in the guest house gave us a front row view.