by Cinda

Mark was pretending (or not?) the other day to be offended that there are more pictures of the new kitten on our blog than there are of him.  Well, at that time there weren’t actually any pictures of “Smokey” on the blog, so now it only seems right to post some.  Maybe I’ll put up some photos of Mark, too, just so he knows we still love him! 

100_5157 100_5134

reclining or ready to attack?   watching a movie with Annika


     100_5125Smokey enjoys her new owner

 100_5118isn’t he cute, especially when he washes dishes!

100_5149 100_5141

Mark on the ice with the kids                    1st time ice skating

100_4955 100_4995

Nice shirt!  MK school game.        Toby getting ready for school program (we’ll try to write more about the Christmas programs later, and post more pictures with it!)