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by Mark

It doesn’t take much of an excuse to have a celebration.  Actually Cinda and I have reason for a little celebration, we finished our first language book- YAHOO!  We don’t get too excited because we still have another book to go.  We are now in the process of going through the first book and reviewing it all.  This is good but now that we have more language skills we have the opportunity to really know how little we know.  We are making progress – sometimes it seems more noticeable than others.


Other people were celebrating as well.  It was the Chinese new year as well as Australia Day- the day when Britain claimed Australia in 1778 (don’t quote the date).  Ali Dench, in the blue sweater, our resident Aussie and next door neighbor filled us in.  Some in Mongolia also celebrated Tsagaan Tsaar since there was some disagreement as to what the proper date was.  The majority still believe Tsagaan Tsaar is a month off- Feb. 25-26.  The photo was taken with a cell phone, so it’s a bit fuzzy.  Pictured (clockwise from the bottom) are Toby, Cinda, Kirsten Hewitt- Annika’s school teacher, Hanniki Theron, our friend and mentor from South Africa (welcome back!) Ali Dench and Pieter Theron, Director of CLTC, Christian Leadership Training Center.  Its a joy and privilege to know all of them. 

We are eating at Raja’s Curry House, formerly Asia Kitchen- the name is the only thing that changed.  Best fried rice, fried chicken and curry in Darhan.  The owners are from KL in Malaysia so its kind of like eating at the stalls in Penang, but I miss the Char-kwe-teo and Koppiping!