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This is what we need for going to Mongolia. If you are interested we encourage you to give to the “Mark and Cinda Wood Outfit Fund” c/o the Christian and Missionary Alliance

As you prepare to come to Mongolia and set up your homes here, there are many things that you can get here, but there are some things that you will need to bring. We have put our heads together and tried to come up with an up-to-date outfit list for you so that you will know what you need to get both in America and here in Mongolia.

Appliances: Local voltage is 220v. You will need to buy major appliances when you arrive such as stove, fridge, washing machine, and these are available here. You can also buy many other 220 smaller appliances here such as coffee maker, hot water boiler, microwave, mixer, bread machine, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, humidifier (its so dry here you really need it, especially in the winter), stereo equipment, tape recorder, TV, DVD machine. Sorry, Erik, we haven’t seen any popcorn poppers, but you can order online at a 220 appliance for that, also if any of you would like a coffee grinder. If you would like to bring a slow cooker or waffle iron (if you use it), you can buy a 220 online. If you have a dual voltage hair blower and curling iron bring it with you.

Furniture: The Mission provides for a table and 8 chairs, desk and chair for each missionary, 2 dressers. So you will need to buy beds, nightstands and living room furniture including coffee table, etc.

Kitchenware: You can buy pots and pans and dishes, silverware, glasses here. Some things that we recommend you to bring are: Cookbooks, Tupperware of all sizes, measuring cups and spoons, bread knife, baking equipment (cookie sheets, baking pans, cooling rack, cookie cutters, bread/muffin pans, mixing bowls etc.) spatulas, wooden or plastic utensils (they have metal utensils), oven thermometer, meat thermometer, Ziploc bags, vegetable peeler and can opener.

Food: Spices (Cinnamon, Basil, Chili Pwdr, Curry, Cumin (whatever you use most in your recipes), cocoa pwdr, baking pwdr, vanilla. (You can sometimes replace these at the import stores, but it is good to have some of what you regularly use to start with) Taco seasoning or other packaged seasonings you use, good coffee (instant coffee is available), herbal teas (black teas are available), hot chocolate (you can sometimes find this but it is more expensive), a few mixes (cake, brownies etc.) to have on hand (if you use them), food coloring and cake decorating items.

General Household: Good towels, sheets and pillowcases are difficult to find here. Some of us brought down comforters with us. Others have bought quilts (from our CAMA project) and local blankets.

Medical: Bring vitamins, contact solution, first aid kit including band-aids, gauze bandages, adhesive tape and antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, thermometer, medicines for personal use, in particular cold medicine, allergy medicine, diarrhea medicine and medicine for children, birth control.

Toiletries: Bring dental floss, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal lubrication, tampons (the only ones that are sometimes available in UB are OB) and special make-up.

Clothing: Remember that Mongolia has all four seasons from hot summer to cold winter. You can get clothes, shoes, boots and coats for the whole family. In the winter, it may be cold outside, but warm in the apartments, so it is good to dress in layers. It would be good to bring wool socks, good long johns (tops and bottoms-kind and weight depends on how much outdoor activity you want to do). Some suggest good quality shoes for everyone for summer, fall and winter (we do lots of walking). Mongolians do like to dress nice, so dress pants, shirts and a suit if you have one, otherwise you can get one here. For women, have some dressy pants, tops, skirts (if you wear skirts). Some suggest bringing good underwear for all, especially adults.

a. Adult – winter boots (two pairs–warm clunky winter boots and warm fashionable boots), this is especially important if you have bigger feet (women about size 8), or find shoes hard to fit.

b. Children – Baby Clothes, especially for a child younger than one year. Pampers are available here, as well as some local brands. If you have cloth diapers, you can bring them. Things dry quickly here.

c. Pregnant/nursing mothers – maternity clothes, nursing bras and pads, breast pump, nursing pillow, ointment, portable booster seat, pack n play, baby food grinder, sippy cups

Miscellaneous things to bring:

Decorations that remind you of home

Christmas decorations

Family pictures

Decorations for children’s room (posters, wall hangings etc.)
Games for adults and children

Crafts for kids

Quality toys are hard to find, so if you have space bring some, especially your child’s favorite

Birthday and Special occasion cards and special little gifts to share with others

You can find gift bags, but may want to bring tissue paper

Worship music

Good DVDs and Books

Water filter

Computer (they are very expensive here), but printers are available and reasonably priced

Camera equipment

Bible study books/material

Prayer cards

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