[Toby enjoys the climbing wall

Annika and Toby enjoy the climbing wall

Our time at Wheaton was good.  It was an opportunity to meet many new friends and get back into study mode.

Second Language Acquisition is a crash course in identifying and reproducing sounds (comes in handy in learning mouth gymnastics to reproduce sounds that your mouth has never made)  We learned phonetics, which breaks down consonants and vowels into categories according to which parts of your mouth you use to reproduce the sound. I now know what a palliative fricative is and a labial dental stop.  From this we were trained in how to transcribe the sounds so we can reproduce them later.  We purchased a new digital recorder to help with this task also.  Other classes included rhythm and tone (I am very thankful that Mongolian is not tonal).  We even got to learn some Korean along the way Anyang haseo! This class really has equipped us to be able to jump into learning the Mongolian language.  One part that was particularly helpful was identifying what type of learner Cinda and I are (visual, auditory, etc.)

As you can see from the picutres it was all study and no time for fun, well Annika and Toby got to have some fun on the climbing wall (thanks Uncle Larry for the use of the harnesses)

DISCLAIMER: the use of the flash in these pictures may cause hair to appear thinner than what it actually is under certain lighting.