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On Saturday we traveled from UB to Darhan, about a 3 hour drive.  The roads are rough but this one is paved.  We braked a few times for cattle and sheep.  The hills are green and beautiful.  As Annika said, “It looks like a grassy sea.”  We are told that its rare to be this green but what a beautiful view.  Often Cinda and I find ourselves saying- looks alot like Wyoming.  We are surprised at how many things are available.  Some are more expensive, much is about the same as the states.

We are currently staying at the guest house while we shop for appliances.  After being in selling mode for so long it is strange to be in purchasing mode.  We will probably move in by the end of the week.  It will take a while to turn the flat into a home but we are looking forward to unpacking.  We do not have internet yet so we are using other people’s computers and can’t post pics.

Toby and Annika are doing well with jet lag and we are about over it- sort of.  Toby slept through the night the last two nights which is great.  Tomorrow we go shopping for a fridge and stove.  We will also be having some furniture made.  Our outfit fund will be going fast, thank you to all who continue to give.

After so many days in UB it is very pleasant to be in Darhan.  Its more quiet here and less traffic.  We went to church this morning (more later). (I sunburned my head at the market- red necks in Mongolia).

Its great to meet many of the team members and get to know them.  We look forward to growing in relationships with them.  Field forum starts Saturday.  Wow- alot has gone by but we are seeing how great the need and task to be done here in Mongolia really is.  Please continue to pray and we really enjoy reading the comments.  Love to All  MCAT