I’m a wimp when it comes to pain, I want to get that out there right away.  When the dentist recommended that I have my wisdom teeth removed I was not to excited.  If you have had your wisdom teeth pulled you have a story about, good or bad.  In these stories there is usually the best friend of a cousin who’s girlfriends aunt’ next door neighbor had a really bad experience (Their teeth pulling was the basis for Castaway, a rock and an ice skate- its simple)and not that I would but they want to share it with me anyways. It

The downside of the joy of having teeth pulled is that you have to pay for this privilege.  Ah, the solution was that we would have dental insurance starting July 1 so all bases are covered, right?  Well teeth extraction does not fall under the insurance category for another 6 months and as much as I was looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth out getting them pulled in Mongolia was looking a bit less appealing.

In steps God.  My parents have a neighbor who is a dentist and confirmed that my wisdom teeth should come out.  She gave me a referral to an oral surgeon.  During this time I had been praying for a Christian oral surgeon who would be able to do the surgey.  No one had recommendations so I went to see this oral surgeon.

I wrote down my parents address- now our permenant address in the US.  As he saw the address he asked if it was on a corner or on the street- it turns out he lived just down the block, completely unknown to my parents and myself!  I shared that I needed my teeth out soon because we were going to Mongolia and he was eager to hear why we were going.  Meanwhile the receptionist was wrestling with our insurance papers.  As I left the consult I was informed that there would be no charge.  The doctor is a believer and wanted to honor God in pulling my teeth- Praise God!.

I must say that the procedure was alot smoother and free of pain than I could have imagined possible- it actually was a very good experience and I am healing fine and pain free.

Thank you Doc for all that you did and honoring God.  Dentistry is a big need in Mongolia, I’m praying that God will call this doc to come over to Mongolia for a short term trip- there is a very nice dentist chair in Darhan.  If it takes my four wisdom teeth to make that happen I can live with that.