Praise God visas came through and we have them in hand.  Yesterday we went and finished up our immunizations.  If you are ever looking for a good way to increase your income may I suggest opening up a travel clinic.  The Hep A and B as well as typhoid came to around $700.  But hey- it beats getting the illnesses they are designed to protect.

We are in the process of packing and weighing and calling around to find out what exactly the regulations on baggage are.  Please pray with us that after we check bags at O’hare that they wind up in UB.  We are probably going to add 1 extra bag.  I am down to making real choices about socks vs. books- or fishing gear.  Hmm, stay tuned for the details.

We have had lots of fun going to the water park in the past couple of days and seeing family (getting the vaccinations with family members was not really a highlight) We appreciate my sister for setting it all up, and in truth it wasn’t as bad as what I had thought.

5 days and counting.