Well we have survived Pre-field orientation and Second language acquisition.  Both were a big help in getting us to Mongolia.  Right now we are visiting family in Missouri and having a wonderful time.  (We’re typing in a parking lot using the free wi-fi).  We will be updating more shortly- including pictures!  Stay tuned for tale of Mark getting his wisdom teeth out and how we made it up to Chicago through Indiana.  There are several things that you can be praying about for us.  There have been several great answers to prayer that we want to share with you.

1) Pray for visas to come through

2) Pray for wrapping up paperwork- registering for different things

3) Pray for good farewells with family

4) Pray for Mongolia, there has been a bit of rioting but not huge, however pray that it would be resolved peacefully.

In Him

Mark and Cinda