by Mark


The days are getting shorter (sunrise Nov. 11 8:00 AM) but as we enter this last month before days get longer we are finding some tasty things to brighten up our days (and nights)


Check this out- home delivery pizza!  It took about 40 minutes but the guy brought it straight to our door- that’s a first! Nothing comes to the door except bills (hey, Mark, it’s your editor here: you forgot about the vegetable man who delivers fresh vegetables to the door in the summer).   He even had a pizza delivery bag to keep it warm.  The Lains joined us and we ordered a cheese, salami and cheese and super (which includes corn and hotdogs).  I agree with Annika who said that it’s the best pizza we have had in Mongolia – great crust, kind of like Dominoes.  It’s called Pizza Romano.  We had fun trying to translate the box (everything is a language lesson).  The box says “the most tasty” under the fast free delivery.  The pizza costs about $9 US apiece, not cheap but it’s a great treat.  We like to tease each other by saying- wow, you want to order out for pizza tonight? Now we can.  I was also pleased they understood me enough on the phone to get it to the right place. 


We also had another great treat of apples and caramel.  We boiled sweetened condensed milk in the can for 4 hours (make sure that the can is under the water.  Let it cool and out comes this beautiful caramel colored sauce.  (Thanks Aunt Haniki for the recipe)


Update on Pieter: Pieter is doing well, I got to skype with them last Wednesday.  Pieter is continuing to under-go therapy after surgery but is looking good and making great strides each day.  He is walking and pushing himself.  Haniki showed us around the hospital room.  WOW- all I can say is it’s nicer than a lot of US hospital rooms that I have been in.  It has a kitchenette including an oven in it.  Haniki is faithful to send out regular updates- please continue to remember them with us.