by Mark

We found out early this morning via email that our teacher Karen will be able to come to Mongolia!  Its a great praise and answer that Karen will be able to join us some time in December. 


Sunset (surprisingly the Northern Lights do not appear in Mongolia)

The following is an update from Haniki about how Pieter and she are doing in Bangkok.  Many of you have asked how Pieter and Richard are doing.  Richard is stating to sit up (apparently he suffered a fractured pelvis as well as hip) and will slowly be back on his feet. 


Family and friends,
We’re back at the hospital this morning.  For the follow-up visits
with three doctors.
On Monday we moved from the Bumrungrad Residence to the Alliance Guest
Home.  It is good for Pieter to be able to sit and walk outside in the
garden.  We’re so blessed to have Steve and Carol (and Carol’s mom)
looking after us.  They are organizing everything  for us, which makes
it really easy with our stay in Bangkok.  We had an early Thanksgiving
lunch yesterday, no expert on turkey, but yesterday’s was the best.
Pieter continues making progress.  He had his last physiotherapy at
the hospital on Monday, but we have to continue with home physio for
another 6 weeks.  He still has much pain in both his shoulders and his
arms, especially when sitting or sleeping in the same position.  The
doctor told him to do less exercises with his left arm, because the
healing process has slowed down  due to the exercises.  No headaches,
which really helps, but when chewing, he can definitely feel some
loose bones in his head!!
On Tuesday, I went to the Mongolian Embassy for entry visas.  They
asked me to wait twenty minutes so I don’t have to come back again for
the passports.  I was so happy, and impressed.  Well, have to say, I
was the only one there, no one else wants to go to freezing Mongolia
this time of the year.
We visited Richard in hospital yesterday afternoon.  It was good for
them(Pieter and Richard) to see each other, they got separated after
the accident at the first hospital.  Richard might be able to come out
next week, but because of a broken hip and pelvis, he will have to
stay in bed for another few weeks.
It all depends on what the doctors will say this morning.  We are
thinking of leaving next week, on Wednesday or so.  Flying will be
tough, but maybe I can use Pieter’s “condition” to get bumped up this
time.  Would be great if we can get business class.
For now, this is all the news we have.  Thank you for your prayers.
We appreciate it very much.