*  The hospital where Pieter was transferred did their own MRI using
newer equipment.  This MRI showed that he also has fractures in his neck
which did not show up initially.  They are waiting to find out if there
will need to be surgery or not.  They will decide when they are certain
about the pressure of the blood on the head.  There is no paralysis.
*  There is still a small amount of bleeding. to the brain.  They are
not concerned about the skull. 

*  There are several fractures in each shoulder and his left wrist is
also broken.  Dennis stated that if his shoulder and hand had not taken
part of the blow, the head injury could have been much worse, so we can
be thankful for that.
*  Haniki says that she is doing well.  She has great support from the
C&MA and also a friend Stephanie from the Philippines is with her and
going everywhere with her.
*  Pieter will have to remain in the hospital at least 2 weeks.  After
they determine what to do about surgery, they will know more about how
much longer after that.
*  Richard is waiting to hear from the orthopedic doctor to know what
kind of treatment he is looking at.  It will depend on where the
fracture is.
*  Both Pieter and Richard are giving orders and telling people what
needs to be done work-wise from their hospital beds, so this is a very
good sign.
*  Others who were there have been able to meet with grief counselors to
help to process the trauma of this experience.