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By Mark

This chapel service held on September 4, 2009 in Darhan marks the start of the Christian Leadership Training Center.  This program is designed to train individuals for leadership in the church.  The training program will meet through the school year during evenings.  It is designed to offer a certificate in Christian Studies which will build towards a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies. 


Dr. Pieter Theron, our South African colleague, begins the service with Moogie, our translator.  The direct translation of the wording in the background is Christ Believer Leadership Training Center.  The logo was designed by Pieter’s and Haniki’s daughter and draws on the design of a ger door.


Dawaa, who serves as a pastor and is enrolled in the training program, reads from Matthew 28.  (If you are interested in wrestling – ask Dawaa)


Introduction of many of the staff who help make the training center function from day-to-day.  Haniki, Pieter’s wife, is in the middle.

DSC_0425   DSC_0424

You can’t have a celebration without food! 


Cinda and I both turned out pretty good in this picture (where did the gray hair come from?)  And it was cold, thus the three layers of shirts on Cinda! 


Cinda, Narjaa (not sure about the spelling?) and Delgormaa.  Delgormaa is the CAMA seamstress who made Annika’s dancing dress.  Narjaa is the mother of our house helper and friend, Tuya, and she also works at the CLTC building.  They are both on the leadership team and frequently teach in the church.