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by Mark

Toby is now 5!  Wow!  We went out to dinner together, opened presents and ate the chocolate cake that Cinda baked.  Toby got a Michael Jordan basketball outfit (unfortunately its with the Wizards, not the Bulls!) but loves it.  He is really enjoying his HotWheel’s tracks from Granna and Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa.


I’m 5! I’m also going to be bigger than my parents really soon!


Who is Jordan?


Walkie-Talkies, A Luke Skywalker Lego watch and a cake.  What could be better?  Over. 


On the Saturday before his Birthday Toby had a fantastic pirate adventure birthday with all his friends (check out the awesome cake that Cinda made!) Check out the photos on the link below.

Pictures of Toby’s party and random shots of Darhan

by Mark

Another school year has begun.  It’s new for us as Toby and Annika head off to school together.  We are still waiting for the MK school teacher to be able to come.  In the mean time Annika is going to school until 1:00 PM and then working on history at home.  Toby also goes until 1:00, but only four days a week.  We will be having an interim couple coming to be able to help with the teaching until our permanent teacher Karen is able to join the team here. 


Loaded and ready to go!


A new adventure awaits




On the bus



With our friends