By Mark

May 15th is a day we have been looking forward to for a while now.  The day when the heat to the pars (radiators) is shut off.  Our heat is centrally generated at the power-plant and then through insulated pipes brought into the town and distributed to all the buildings.  The great thing about it is that it keeps buildings warm.  The downside is that when it is 85 degrees F outside having the heat on doesn’t feel so great. 

  • Wednesday May 13- We played outside flying kites – you can see the pictures in the other post.
  • Thursday May 14- estimated outside high temperature around 85 degrees.  Annika and Toby both got a bit more sun than they should have.
  • Friday May 15- Ahh, the day we waited for, but there was a storm on the horizon: here are some shots of the day the heat went off. 



Taken from language school classroom


Toby trying to catch the last flakes of spring


The heat went off on schedule, the snow melted and today its back up in the 80’s I would estimate. 

Хэрвээ Монголд цаг агаар таалахгуй бол одоохон болон

If you don’t like the weather in Mongolia, wait and it will change