by Mark

Yesterday Annika’s class had a field trip at the children’s park to fly some kits.  Mongolia is perfect kite country, windy, not many (if any) trees. The Mongolian word for kite is “paper bird” or “bird made from paper” is probably more accurate.  Might we add that if anyone is looking for ideas for a care package kites would make a great addition





This afternoon I hear what I thought to be the train going by (from Sibera to China) but it kept getting louder.  It was a large helicopter- first one I have seen here.  It landed in the area next to the post office. Helicopter is translated either “airplane” or “flying cart.” Toby, Eli, Larry and I went to check it out.  We are still not really sure who the person was.  I think some of the kids thought maybe Larry and I were- they started to ask “What is your name?” Pretty soon we were surrounded. 


(our future Secret Service?)



Why, yes I am a famous American.