by Mark

Its May 27th here- did I mention it snowed again this week? 


(this is the most scenic petrol station in Mongolia)

As I think about what was going on a year ago at this time I’m still savoring the memory of Barbara’s peanut butter pie.  (I would gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement and an understanding that it would not be made, except in Asia, for a copy of the recipe).  It was a year ago this week that Russellville blessed us as we ended our time together.  I think back on that week and remember eating more than I should have at the pot luck (but hey I wasn’t going to be eating that food for a long time – not that we are suffering for food by any means now!) We cleaned the house and still had too much stuff left over, closed on the house and headed to Wheaton via Kentucky.  We dodged tornadoes in Indiana and marveled at what God was doing. 

Its still amazing to look back and see God’s faithfulness in all that happened as well as in everything that we encounter today.  Without His love expressed in the many who lovingly support, pray and work with us we cannot do it.  It is a year that has gone quickly and we look forward to the next because he is faithful.