by Mark


This past Saturday Pieter Theron and I went looking for campgrounds to the east of Darhan.  We intended to then drive south along the river and find the town of Sharangol (yellow river).  Of course there are rivers and scouting for fishing opportunities around. 


This area was listed as a canyon. 


Turned out to be a very beautiful area- good possibility for future picnic spots


This journey brought to you by- Toyota.  This was one of the times that we really did need 4×4 capability- roads, what roads?


This is looking back towards the canyon, note the herd of sheep in the foreground


I missed the spring daffodils and dogwoods but there are plenty of fields of wildflowers here, too.


This was the good bridge we crossed- entirely made of wood


The weather takes its toll. (Ok, that’s a bad pun but who can resist)


New foal


Several times I had the deja vous effect- where am I, Wyoming or Mongolia?


Horses in the river- they looked a bit hard up after the winter but the green grass will have them putting on weight soon enough.  All of these sites were within an hour of Darhan.  As we drove back we saw a new railroad that is being prepared to be put in- we think it is for the gold mines in the area.  I also did not get to take pictures of the camels by the salt lake- that will be another time.