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by Annika

The Adventures of Hello Kitty, part two

During that year they also went to a friend’s party.  It was a friend who was a girl.  Her name was Heart.  They had never met Heart but their parents had!  They met her when she was a baby.  Now she was turning 7.  Strawberry had already been there seven years! 

So they next day they got up early and got dressed and ate breakfast.  They put on their helmets and rode their bikes to Heart’s house.  When they finally got to Heart’s house Heart greeted them.  It was fun at Heart’s house.  She had a swimming pool!  They went swimming in it!  After that they opened presents and then ate cake.

The party was a lot of fun!  After the party was over they decided to be friends.  They had a 3-friends Club!100_5243

by Mark

As I think back on March the question seems to be- “Where did it Go?” We started out with a prayer retreat outside of UB. 

group photo 2009 prayer retreat

You can see the whole crew above- We certainly are missing the Liberdas!



We wanted so say THANK YOU! to everyone from Menominee- Here are Diana and Jack, Homer and Diana, and Becky who did the kids program (kids loved it and so did mom and dad) It was great to spend time with team members and fellow super-heroes





We also discovered that despite not having seafood we are safe from goiters because we can get iodized salt.  Enough said and you can all breathe easier.  The salt is a bit strange because its by UNICEF but the font is the same as most of the food from Wal-Mart, is there an Arkansas connection? (Yes I’m going to start using Just for Men after this- Mongolian men rarely go gray, there are some but I’m an oddity- you always knew that didn’t you)

We have weathered our first dust storm.  March still comes in like a Lion and goes out like a – well still with a fury, we are not out of the dust storm season yet. We have a break next week from language study and are really looking forward to it.  We will see what April holds.