by Cinda

We have been delinquent in posting new blogs lately, but we are still here, still going to language classes and schools, and still thankful for our friends and family!  Toby and Annika have been keeping us hopping the past two weeks with a stomach bug.  Toby was sick for several days and we had to juggle schedules to take care of him, then Annika came down with it over the weekend while Mark was away on a “fishing” trip (the ice on the river was at least 12 inches thick, so there was no fishing!).  It has been a difficult virus to rid ourselves of but it seems like we might be on the other side of it now.  I don’t want to speak too soon, though, so please pray for all of us to be healthy.  Thank you so much to those of you who have been praying during this time — it helps us greatly to know you are there and interceding for us. 

It has already been a month since Annika’s 8th birthday!  We had a big party to celebrate Annika and Isaiah (Liberda) turning 8 and Malachi (also Liberda) turning 10.  It all came together at the last minute and thanks so much to Kirsten and Ali, as well as pretty much the entire Darhan team for pitching in and helping.  The plan originally was to have separate parties for each child, but when Liberda’s received word they were going to the States at any time, we all wanted to be sure we had a chance to celebrate with the boys before they left.  Annika had a wonderful time with all of her friends there together.  Even the Bergevin family was able to be here, which added to the celebration.

balloon tunnel Birthday cakes Isaiah makes a wish

Thank you SOO much! Go, Malachi! game time New ice skates Ms. Kirsten entertains Levi -- sorry, I had to do it!


There are many more pictures where these came from, but it’s time to put the kids to bed!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.