by Cinda

We dropped Toby off at tsitserleg this morning as usual.  As usual, he was wearing his light-up Spiderman sweatshirt and his Spiderman shoes.  In the coatroom two Mongolian boys were showing each other their Spiderman caps they wore to school, another boy took off his coat to reveal a Spiderman t-shirt, and one more boy in a Spiderman t-shirt came over to say hi to his friends.  Did Toby start a trend or is it just the in-thing this year? 

We really appreciate your prayers for Toby’s adjustment to school, especially now that Levi Liberda is in the U.S.  Yesterday when we picked him up he was sitting on the rug playing alone while the other kids ate their lunch.  Before we took him back today we asked him to sit down at the table with the other kids at lunchtime and to try to play with some of the kids.  When we picked him up today, there he was sitting at the table with everyone else!  He was wearing his exercise clothes (every Tuesday is exercise day) and he tells us he exercised AND played with some of the kids.  As he was getting ready to leave, 5 or 6 girls and 1 or 2 boys came to tell him goodbye.  They all know his name very well, but we’re still working on getting to know their names!  Keep praying for him.  It can’t be easy for him to go into a room full of kids (and teachers) who don’t speak any English, but he has a much more positive attitude now than he did just a few weeks ago.  It’s all in God’s sovereign hands and we see so many signs of how He has already been working in Toby’s heart, so we rest in His promise that He never leaves us nor forsakes us.  You bless us greatly when you pray for our kids– thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts!