Okay, brace yourselves!  Toby continues to keep us entertained with the funny things that come out of his head via his mouth.  I’m sure I can’t do justice here to his little voice and phrases but I’ll give it a shot.  Getting ready to read to the kids from the Bible, Mark asked what we read yesterday.  Toby answered, “about Moses when he was on the ark.”  Sitting on the couch with Toby– me studying, him watching Discovery Channel with Mark: “Momma, I’m a little bit twisted.”  Can you tell me more about this, Toby?  “In the head, because I want to do that job” (there was a preview for Deadliest Catch that apparently described fishermen as a little twisted in the head?).  Last night eating ice cream at Lain’s (the same ice cream we frequently eat): “this is the best ice cream I have EVER eaten!”. Between 9:00 and 10:00 every night when he should not be getting out of bed: “I have to tell Mommy something.  Mommy, when I’m  in my bed I feel like . . . (big pause here while he makes something up). . . there’s lava all around me (or a tiger looking at me, etc. etc.)”

This last one may bring tears to some eyes, but I think there are some grandmas who will be glad of them anyway: “I forgot to tell Grandma that I miss her in Mongolia, I wish I could see her here.”  I don’t know which Grandma he was thinking of, but I think he feels the same way about them both so I didn’t ask who he meant at the moment.

Grandma’s have been on his mind for awhile now, and Aspen, too.  He also just realized this week that he didn’t get to bring his big fire engine with him to Mongolia.  Some of these things have made it a difficult week as we’ve watched him start to grasp what it means to be living in another country, but we praise God for His presence that gives us such joy and peace and for His promises, His love, and His faithfulness that give us hope for our own lives and for the people of Mongolia.  The blessings He has for Toby and Annika are far beyond anything we can imagine so pray for us to help them understand and for them to see God’s goodness in all of it.