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Toby is floating off the ground he’s so excited!


On the way to the classroom

Toby had his first day of Mongolian pre-school today.  He and Levi arrived at the same time and were the first two children in their class, so they enjoyed having the room and toys to themselves.  They are in an upstairs classroom with many windows, so it’s bright, sunny and cheerful.  Having new toys to play with and a big sunny room to play in seemed to suit them both well.  There’s an attached room with a lot of little beds for naptime, but we will bring Toby home each day as soon as we’re done with class so he’ll take his nap at home.  When it’s too cold to play outside, there is at least one large play room in the building as well as slides and toy rooms in various places along the hallways — that’s going to be so much better for them than being confined to the small space of the apartment all day!  Thanks for praying, and continuing to pray.  We hope he will soon begin to try the food they serve.