written by Annika (and typed by Cinda)

Today (Thursday) was the 2nd day of 2nd grade.  It was a good day and I didn’t do much work.  There wasn’t too much homework yet.  I have made some good friends.  My teacher is great!  My classroom has 2 window sills that you can sit on and read.  There’s a library with tons of books which I like!  The classroom is big — there are two separate rooms with a little doorway between the rooms.  One room is the library and the other is the classroom with the desks where we do our work.  There are 10 kids, 5 boys & 5 girls.  There are 4 2nd-graders, 2 3rd-graders, and 1 each in Kindergarten, 4th grade, 5th grade and 7th grade.  My favorite part of school is recess because I get to go out and play with the dogs named Cimba and Mommy dog.  I’m still waiting to see what my favorite subject will be but I’m thinking it will be Mongolian language or History or maybe ????

ready to go!

ready to go!

waiting for the "bus"

waiting for the bus

Malachi, Isaiah, Jubilee, and Annika