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setting up the IKEA desk

setting up the IKEA desk

Did we mention that we have been to 3 shops that claim to be IKEA?  They are all in UB, and all do carry some amount of IKEA stuff.  We purchased a desk, a lamp and cutting boards.  We will probably go back when we get other opportunities and just see what else they have.  Their prices are high for some things while really good for other things.  When you drive around UB you see signs everywhere for IKEA, North Face, and a lot of other recognizable brand names.

Of the many things I packed and re-packed over the past several months, some of those I am most thankful to have brought are the kids’ IKEA dishes.  Yes, I can buy more here, but it was great to just pull them out of the duffel and put them in the cabinet and know that if all else failed, the kids had something on which to eat their meals!  With all the shopping fatigue and the drains on cash supplies for other necessities, I couldn’t help feeling thankful to have a few simple things from home in our kitchen here.  There has not been much that I’ve unpacked and wondered why I bothered to bring it.  I can really only think of one thing, and it simply came by mistake (I thought it was a waterproof mattress cover for Toby, but it’s a crib pad!).  We did bring a lot of clothes for the kids and a lot of their stuffed animals, but right now I don’t regret either one.  I’m glad not to have to do laundry every day for them and the stuffed animals are played with and cuddled everyday.

I’m looking forward to hanging the few pictures we brought with us as soon as I figure out how to do that on the concrete walls . . . The small winter scene by Larsson in a red frame will look perfect and will be another touch from home.

Thanks for the comments and for letting us know that you’re reading what we write!  We won’t have as much time to write as soon as classes start, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to read what YOU write!  Please keep in touch with us as much as you can.

with love from the Wood’s