The Mongolia Field

No, I’m not going to name them all.  This is the team we have the privilege of working with in Mongolia.

Two weeks ago our field gathered together at Tiarra Resort in Terelj National Park http://www.tiararesort.com/.  Our villa (or villia as it was spelled) was at the very top.  But anyway what matters here is that our field has almost doubled!  There were almost 70 people.  My great thanks to pastor John Kitchen from Stowe, Ohio who brought outstanding messages.  You can see how many kids are here.  We love our team and are excited about what God is doing here.

The team gets together formally at least twice a year- for Field Forum and then for a prayer retreat in Spring.  Other than that they are spread out, in UB, Erdenet, Darhan and Bulgan.

The resort was new (under a year) but showing signs of wear.  It was built by a Chinese contractor with funding from the Dutch.  The Dutch gave all the money up front and as a result alot of corners were cut and materials were not great.  There were alot of Dutch people staying here though on their way to the Olympics (I have now seen a safety orange leisure suit).

Because Mongolia is a difficult field to live in we learned that we receive a grant to our work special that allows us to vacation outside of the country.  The downside- we don’t have money in our work special so if you are interested please feel free to give to this- and as always please give to the Great Commission Fund