In a historic moment Mongolia clinched a gold medal in Judo- instead of writing on it I am going to shamelessly link to our friends and co-workers, the Lain’s blog.

If you have not met Larry, Krista, Avery and Eli I would like to introduce them.  We will be going through language school together.  They were one of the couples (among a total of 4 headed to Mongolia) that we met at Wheaton and we both live in Darhan (although different areas).  They have been living in a ger (the felt Mongolian tent).  Avery and Eli are about the same ages as Annika and Toby which is great!

I can’t believe I don’t have pictures of them!  But I promise we will soon.  The Lains love to rock climb- what a hardship having to bum rope rides off of them!  We love you guys.