Hi, friends!  We’re still here, even though we just realized how long it’s been since our last blog update.  We’ve done more recent updates through newsletters, Facebook, and personal emails, but even those updates have been rare lately.  So, we want to give you some brief updates just to touch base and we hope to add more news on a regular basis in the future.  If you want to receive our sporadic newsletters and you’re not already on the mailing list , please send a request to mark@mongoliawoods.com with the email address at which you want to be contacted (last mailing was in August, but we haven’t removed any of you from the list if you were on it then!).  Thanks!

  • The IWK Teacher is here!  Karen H. has returned to Mongolia; in fact, she’s only been in Darhan for less than two weeks now and has already taken on the whole job of teaching the 6 students in the school.  We’re so glad to have her here, for the job and for her own sake – she’s a great addition to our small team!  We’re thankful for the prayers for this situation.
  • Mark is continuing his studies (PhD) through Biola.  He’s now 2 years into his course work, so about halfway through.
  • Our family traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand for 2 1/2 weeks with Mark as he took two courses there in January.  It was also a restful break from our regular routine and from Mongolia winter.  We enjoyed a few tourist attractions, though not nearly as many as last year when we stayed in Thailand for weeks awaiting new visas.  As before, we also enjoyed Thai food and the western restaurants located there, as well as shopping malls, a movie theater (we saw The Five Armies while we were there!), and the swimming pool at the guest home.  We are glad to be back in Mongolia now, even though the temperatures have dropped drastically since our return.  Don’t worry, we stay warm, thanks to good heaters and warm coats!
  • KLTC – Kingdom Leadership Training Center is the new name of the Mongolian NGO for which we work now.  Formerly it was under a different name and considered a religious organization, but this transition came about to address several issues that were making operations challenging.  The new name and registration don’t change the focus or the function; however, they have clarified our role in the eyes of the government and also enabled us to have a visa for the purpose of training church leaders and building up the body here in Mongolia.  We’re thankful for the transition that was official in October 2014, and the visas that were granted in December.  Thanks for praying for us!
  • Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year celebration, is coming up in a few weeks: February 19-21.  We’ll be celebrating with our workers and friends, and students and staff will have a few days of rest from studies and work.

We’ve also updated the Pray and Praise page, if you’re interested in seeing some more details of what’s happening.  Thank you for taking time to read our update!  To Him be the glory and honor, forever and ever.

The Wood family