1 Lost wedding band (Mark’s. It’s in the Current River)

2 hours of lay-over in Seoul, Korea

3 Months (June to August)

4 bags going to the states

5 (conservative estimate of weight gain per family member . . .)

6 years old – Toby’s birthday on Sept. 2nd

7 week trip planned, subject to change

8 Bags @ 50 lbs. back to Mongolia

9 church services

12 States

3600+ Miles on the road

and 1 really fat cat waiting in Darhan, so we hear


We landed last night at Chingis Khan Airport.  The flight from Chicago seemed to go pretty quickly, although it was a bit bumpy at times.  We flew over Hudson Bay and over part of the Arctic Circle, seeing floating icebergs and expanse of Siberia with dustings of snow.  Annika and Toby were excited to see glimpses of it, although we were seated in a middle section (might need window seats next time).  It was daylight the whole 13 hours and fifteen minutes.  There was turbulence that affected little stomachs, but everyone seems fine today.  We got some good sleep last night and we will see how today goes.  Thanks for your prayers, please continue to pray as we travel to Darhan on Wednesday.