by Mark

My brother Stephen is getting married to Grete on Saturday.  We are very excited for them and welcome Grete to the family.  So far they have not indicated that they will be honeymooning in Mongolia but who knows.  I have been asked to write a prayer of blessing which I share with you here.  (I thank and commend D.A. Carson’s wonderful book A Call to Spiritual Reformation from which I borrowed a line or two)



You are the glory of the ages, from everlasting to everlasting is your renown.

I ask your blessing on Stephen and Grete as they enter into this covenant of marriage, that it would bring glory to your name.

We give thanks to you, Lord, for you have called them and,

Through the grace given in Jesus Christ, saved them and

By your Spirit empower them to live for you.

As your mercies are new every morning

May Stephen and Grete grasp,

How high and how wide

How deep and how broad is your love.

Bless them

Not with ease but with faithfulness

Not with satisfaction but with a hunger to know and do your Word

Not with fame but with humility that flows from being like Jesus Christ.

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Give them eyes to see as you do,

     A perspective that is eternal,

     Focused upon the cross.

Give them ears to hear your call,

     To die to themselves daily,

     To remember the grace of the Gospel.

Give them tongues to speak,

     Healing words of grace,

     Used to call others to repentance.

Grant Stephen and Grete

An increasing love for one another

that flows from your love.

Bless their marriage, Father.

We ask this in the name of Jesus to the praise of your glorious grace