Thank you for your all your prayers for our friend and sister, Lisa.  Following surgery, Lisa developed a blood clot below the break.  The doctors in Korea felt that she needed to stay in Korea for further care and monitoring.  She has been there now for almost 4 weeks.  The clot was discovered to have moved when it was checked last week, and further tests revealed an unrelated health issue that needs attention.  Because of the complications, Brent and the children will join Lisa in Korea in a couple of days and return to the States with her when she is released for travel.  Pray that she will be released tomorrow following her sonogram and that she will be strengthened for the trip home.  Pray for the clot to dissolve and for her overall health, as well as for the tests and recovery in the States to go well.  Pray for Brent as he completes all the preparations for their family to travel and be gone during this time.  Praise our Father for the details He has worked out for them and for His continual care for Lisa.  Lisa is very thankful for all those who are praying for her and her family!