Thank you for all your prayers and emails regarding our friend, coworker and neighbor Lisa following her accident.  We just wanted to let you know that she had surgery yesterday, the doctor said it was “ideal” (if I understood Lisa correctly on Skype today).  She’s on the mend and thankful to have that part behind her.   She’s thankful for Skype because it allows her to talk to her family everyday, and for the Korean friends and doctors who are taking such good care of her.  She and Esther will have a free home to stay in over the next two weeks thanks to a church in Korea.  The doctors have told her to expect it to be at least two weeks before she is able to return to Mongolia, which is of course very difficult for her as a mom of 4 children who all happen to be in Mongolia.  Malachi will have his birthday while Lisa is away and Isaiah’s is only a week after Malachi’s, so that also weighs heavy on her heart to be away during this time.  Keep praying!  Lisa is still having a lot of pain and discomfort, too, as well as the family things that are constantly on her mind.