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by Mark


8 AM facing East

I’m looking forward to Christmas but I’m also very excited about the 22 of December, the shortest day of the year here.  (Yes I know the solstice is the 21 in the states but we were told the 22 is the shortest day here.)  We are excited about the days growing longer.  Its hard to get up and moving when it looks exactly the same out as when you went to bed.  These are a couple of shots of what it looks like when I walk Annika to the school bus at 8:00 AM and then at 9:00 AM.  The GPS has said sunrise is around 8:45 and sunset is around 4:50 give our take a few minutes. 

Some of the pics are blurry because of the shutter setting, I’m sorry about that but didn’t know how else to get the right resolution. 



8 AM facing West- full moon, day after biggest moon I have seen in my life



Annika gets ready to board.


9 AM facing West

by Mark

Well we are busy getting ready for Christmas.  We’ve been to a variety of programs and parties over the past week as we all prepare for celebrating the birth of our Savior.  More about those events in later posts.  A few presents are already under the tree. (Packages seem to arrive only on Monday’s in clumps of more than one- we still haven’t figured out the pattern.  You get a call and they expect that you pick it up immediately.  You have to pay 200 T for the phone call and have the customs official look at the package.)

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Merry Christmas To All-

Mark, Cinda, Annika and Toby