by Mark100_4698 

After graduating from college I was looking for a teaching job.  My requirements were simple, the school district needed to be 1 hour from a National Park or major ski area.  I sent out about 500 resumes across the West.  I got one interview and one job offer, Evanston, Wyoming.  God made it easy for me to discern where to go.  It was through many of the people at Evanston Alliance Church that we heard God’s call to ministry that has led us, eventually, here to Mongolia.  This past weekend we were able to have a team from Evanston into our home.  They came on a vision trip to pursue a possible partnership with the field here.  We were able to be in Evanston two years ago for a reunion and last year to speak at their family camp at Bear River.  In the picture from left to right is Bob Witt, associate pastor- an incredible testimony of God’s grace on display.  Lon Kenneda and his wife Teresa were one of the couples that welcomed me to Evanston – we always have fun remembering the trips to scout and hunt elk together! I keep bumping in to Pastor Ron in many different places.  I first met Ron at a hunting retreat at Pinecrest Camp, he was pastoring in Alabama at the time.  He has a heart for God and God is using him in Evanston in great ways.  Jim Manchester is next to Ron and His wife Denise is not pictured- they became believers in the past 3 or 4 years and are using their gifts and talents to serve God in leading music and multi-media.  It was a great encouragement to see them.  Thanks for the hats!  (we got Wyoming hats) We look forward to seeing others from Evanston in the future (this means you Hoovers and Thomas’ !)  We are grateful to Evanston for their love and support and look forward to forming a partnership with them.