This guy is ready for winter.  His humps are full and standing up, they go flat with no fat.  Most camels are found around the southern part of Mongolia, but it is not uncommon to see them up north where we are.  We got a chance to go camping this weekend (more on that later) and on the drive out spotted this camel.  Uncle Jeremy swung the Land Rover around to get a good picture.  From a distance, because of their humps camels can look like a horse with a rider on top.  We saw the Bactrian Camels at Brookfield zoo before we left- no cages here.  In the background you can see a field that was planted, it might have had millet like grain, they call yellow rice.  In some places they will also burn off the field after harvest.  Its interesting to see the stripes of fields.  When planted they alternate wheat and millet- beautiful yellow fields.  The yellow has been harvested but the wheat remains.


Another shot of the guy, he’s got alot of fur.


Every Day is a Winding Road

This was the road out from where we camped at.  There are places with roads and no roads in Mongolia.  If one path doesn’t suit you, take another road.  Its crazy to see people driving 2 wheel drive cars over some pretty rough terrain.